Alicja going for Triple STARMAN

Alicja going for Triple STARMAN

We know you need a to be a little bit, shall we say, different to enter STARMAN Night Triathlon – you need to be brave, adventurous, organised, strong, and have a good sense of humour! But Perth Triathlon Club’s Alicja Weyer is taking things to a whole new level by organising three back-to-back half-iron challenges, starting at midnight with Virtually STARMAN on Friday 14th August, and the third starting at Midnight on the Sunday!

We caught up with triathlete, business owner, and mum-of-two Alicja to find out why she thought this would be a good idea and how she is going about planning it!

SM: Alicja, how did the Triple STARMAN come about?!

AW: I have always wanted to do STARMAN, but I am usually racing in my home town in Poland around about that time, and prepping for the World Champs in September, so I have always missed out. As there won’t be much travel or many races this year, I thought Virtually STARMAN was the perfect opportunity to take part.

Then I started thinking, triathlon has three sports, Virtually STARMAN is over the weekend – why not do it three times over three nights?! I like to test myself and push my limits.

I also thought it might be a nice bonding activity with my family! I thought I would use it as a chance to raise money for Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance – a charity close to where I live. I often see the choppers going off to emergencies around the country. I had a glass of wine and quickly made my fundraising page so that I couldn’t change my mind!

SM: That sounds amazing! Have you planned your route?

AW: I am a last-minute girl! But my rough plan is to swim at Loch Clunie, then cycle from there to Scone Airport, covering the 90km, and then run home (which is 8km, so will need to include some loops somewhere!).

On the Saturday night I plan to do it in reverse – run, cycle and then swim so I can see the sunrise from the loch! And then on the Sunday I’ll go back to swim, bike and run!

I plan on sleeping during the day although I may need to go to work at my snack van on the Saturday!

SM: Alicja we are tired just thinking about it! Have you got support for the events?

AW: My husband and children will be supporting me the whole time. My kids, Marta and Patryk, are 19 and 24, and they will be swimming, paddle boarding, driving and cycling to support each discipline! I may rope some paddle boarding friends in as well.

SM: Do you have anything more to plan?

AW: I still need to get my gear sorted although a friend has lent me super bike lights. I’m also organising 2 bikes just in case one fails.

I’ve been using Polish fuel but it’s been very hard to get since lockdown – I have some left and I’ll be using a new one I really like – Active Root – to get me round.

I have some training sessions booked in, including night swims which will help. My main concern will be the weather, but that’s out of our control!

SM: What are your goals for the weekend?

AW: I’m aiming for about 7 hours per event, and I’m picking a flatter route to help with that. I know I can finish so it’s more about having fun with my family! I hope to raise lots of money for the Charity Air Ambulance too!


Alicja has already raised nearly £500 and you can show her your support by donating here! We are so excited to hear how she gets on and see all the pictures of her crazy adventure!

Alicja, we know you will absolutely smash it – welcome to the STARMAN family.

You can join Alicja for this year’s Virtually STARMAN here (you don’t need to do it three times though!).

Alicja at Loch Clunie