Athlete Interview: Claire Davis

Athlete Interview: Claire Davis

Claire Davis is taking part in Starman this year for the first time, after being talked into it at the Cycling and Running Show with her friend Claire McMullen! Claire is an experienced endurance athlete and, along with Starmam this year, she’s also riding in the 1065-mile Trans Alba race and taking part in the infamous Strathpuffer mountain bike race. We caught up with her to hear how she fits it all in.


Starman: Claire, is this your first triathlon?

Claire: No, I have done a few sprints, one olympic and one middle distance. I have had a couple of years off and was thinking about starting with a sprint, but was convinced to say yes to Starman instead!


Starman: Have you started training? What tips do you have for others training for tough events like this?

Claire: I’m training for a 1000-mile bike race in July already and have started swim training. Running has taken a back seat for a while but I’m starting again this week. If you’re like me and struggle with motivation, then try to make it fun. I will swap a mountain bike or velodrome ride in sometimes if I feel like it. Following a training plan often means training alone but I like to mix it up with some social training too.


Starman: How do you fuel these epic adventures?

ClaireThere’s always Active Root in my bottle. I love the taste so much that I actually look forward to drinking it and always come home with empty bottles. The ginger settles the nausea I often get from not eating enough. It gives you energy as well as hydrates but it’s not too sweet tasting. I usually prefer savoury rather than sweet for snacks. Eggs, mini pork pie, pepperami and malt loaf are my go to portable snacks. Sesame snaps and bananas are great if I crave something sweet.


Starman: Can you tell us how you feel about Starman 2019 in three words?

Claire: Excited and exhausted!


Best of luck with all your training and events this year Claire – we look forward to welcoming you to Loch Morlich.

Author: The Starman

Set in the mighty Cairngorms National Park this is going to be a sleepless, tough, intimidating and wild triathlon under the stars.