ATHLETE INTERVIEW: Katie Eleftheriou

ATHLETE INTERVIEW: Katie Eleftheriou

Katie is joining us for the first time in 2020 as a solo participant and we chatted to her about why she chose STARMAN, how she’s training for it and how she is feeling about it! Katie is 32 and a member of Stirling Triathlon Club.

Katie, welcome to STARMAN 2020! What inspired you to take part this year?

“The idea of doing a big race at an amazing location during the night! I have only done 1 novice, 3 sprint and 1 standard triathlon and all these last year. This will be my first middle distance triathlon.”

Have you ever raced at night before?

“Yes, and I’m doing hill running at night at the moment and really enjoy it.”

What are you most looking forward to at STARMAN?

Having some fun during the night and crossing the finish line!!

What are you most concerned about at STARMAN 2020?

“I am concerned that my body will be ok competing for that long during the night!! I am sure I will be
fine though!!”

Have you started training? What training are you planning on doing?

I started training a month ago. My plan will be to swim three times, do three hill runs, and two rides per week, from which one ride will be uphill and one will be long. What I think will help will be doing a cycle and a run at the same day. For fuel, I use Cliff bars and Lucozade! And I really like that ginger electrolytes drink.” [Active Root]

Thanks so much Katie. We are really looking forward to meeting you on 15th August! Can you tell us how you’re feeling about STARMAN in 3 words to finish?

Excited. Happy. Scared!