Winter Strength Series: Run

Below is another run workout to help you build a strong base during this off season.

There is no reason to avoid speed work during the off season but now is the perfect time to play about with pace …

Winter Strength Series: Bike

In this week’s session we are al about the hills. STARMAN only has two serious hills – the first is short and sharp and the second is long and, well, sharp! in fact, the last 23km of the bike …

Winter Strength Session – Swim

The next instalment of our winter strength sessions focusses on testing. Now is the perfect time to establish some base levels and times so you can measure your development across the year.

There are a number of ways you …

Winter Strength Series: Gym

So you’ve signed up for STARMAN 2020 but it’s 9 months away so you can worry about it later right? Well, not exactly!

Now is a key time to be adding some more strength sessions to your training. Not only …

Winter Strength Series: Run

The third instalment in our strength series focuses on the run. This programme includes some hills and some drills to build strength and endurance. Find a long, gradual hill for this session, or use a treadmill if that’s not …

Winter Strength Series: Bike

In the second of the winter strength series, we have put together a bike session for you,specifically designed to build strength in your legs over the off-season, as well as helping to toughen you up for the one or …

Winter Strength Series: Swim

And just like that, triathlon season is over for most of us. It’s time to refocus, set some goals for 2020 and get back to work.

Winter is the perfect time to start building a stronger foundation. This can …

Cairngorm Triathletes – Race Report

The event must be good
because we came back again this year! 

As Cairngorm
Triathletes, it is wonderful to have an event like Starman on our home turf. We
train and play in the Cairngorms all year round, but nothing can quite prepare
you …

Athlete Blog – Chris Watson

As far as venues go, can there be a more idyllic setting than the cairngorm national park for a memorable night out. Besides, if you’re going to push yourself to the limit you might as well do it somewhere …

Fuelling your 2019 Starman

Worried about how you’re going to fuel 7+ hours of
moving through the dark routes of the Cairngorms? FEAR NOT! We are here to
support you.

We have three main feed stations on the route:

At Dulnain Bridge about half way through the …