Fuelling your 2019 Starman

Worried about how you’re going to fuel 7+ hours of moving through the dark routes of the Cairngorms? FEAR NOT! We are here to support you.

We have three main feed stations on the route:

  1. At Dulnain Bridge about half way through the bike route
  2. T2 and you will pass through here again on the descent of Cairngorm again
  3. Ryvoan Bothy at the start of the second hill, Meall a’ Bhuachaille

Scottish company Active Root will be providing hydration at Starman this year and you’ll be able to fill your bottle up or grab a cup at all the feed stations. Co-Founder and Sports Nutritionist Huw Stradling explains the benefits:

“The aim of Active Root is to enhance your performance through  BALANCING, FUELLING and HYDRATING. We believe that having a BALANCED stomach enables you to take on FUEL and HYDRATE more effectively. That means you perform better. We believe that if you want to have a calmer, more settled stomach, you need to use clean ingredients. That’s why Active Root contains no chemicals or sweeteners – everything is natural.”

Active Root ambassador and Starman athlete Claire Davis will be using it to fuel her own Starman attempt:

“The main reason I love Active Root is because it tastes great. Usually it doesn’t matter what is in my bottle, I rarely finish it. With Active Root, I always come back with an empty bottle. It gives me the energy I need and keeps me hydrated. The ginger is great to avoid the nausea I often get when I’ve pushed myself too hard.”

You can still get your hands on a free sample, here: www.activeroot.co.uk/free-sachet-ginger-sports-drink

Author: The Starman

Set in the mighty Cairngorms National Park this is going to be a sleepless, tough, intimidating and wild triathlon under the stars.