Lockdown Workout – upper body circuit

Lockdown Workout – upper body circuit

Welcome to the next instalment of our workout series, designed to keep you strong during lockdown. We know you have running and cycling covered, so we are focussing specific workouts for swimming that can be done at home with no weights. It’s not perfect, but it is essential, and will help ward off injuries when we can go back swimming.

We have no idea what day it is, but we do know this workout includes 10 exercises, performed in a circuit. It’s designed to be completed as 45s of work and 15s of rest, but you can play with this and make your work section shorter if needed (eg 40:20) or longer (eg 50:10).

Remember to warm up properly first!

Circuit: Repeat three times, taking a minute break at the end of each circuit. If you don’t know how to do any of these, there should be plenty of tutorials on You Tube, but you can always message us and we will send you a video!

1. Walkout
2. Tricep Pushup
3. Leg Lowers
4. Crab Bridge with Toe Tap
5. Pike Push ups
6. Plank Jack
7. Bicycle Abs
8. Side Plank Hip Dip
9. Side Plank Hip Dip – other side
10. Burpee

Remember – if something is hurting, physios are doing online consultations at the moment so don’t push through the pain. Remember to cool down slowly at the end and include some nice stretching and mobility work.