STARMAN training when the hills are closed

STARMAN training when the hills are closed

Here at STARMAN Media HQ we are still training as if the event is going ahead and we are taking part. Obviously, at this stage, we are still not sure if we will be able to make that happen, but we are trying to keep our fitness levels up.

With around 4 months to the event, this is the time many would start getting serious about training on hills, but this year that is not entirely possible for many of us. The mountains are “closed” and whilst there might be some local hills for reps, what if you don’t want to leave the house or you can’t because you have a family to care for alongside work?

Well that is where the stairs come in. A few weeks ago, mountaineer David Sharp did some rough maths and estimated that 6 steps is around 1 metre of elevation and, using some crude calculations, made the following targets for us all:

Ben Nevis. 1344 meters. 8736 steps
Ben lawers. 1214 meters. 7891 steps
Schehallion. 1083 meters. 7039 steps
Ben Lomond. 974 meters. 6331 steps
Conic hill. 361 meters. 2345 steps
An teallach. 1062 meters. 6903 steps

Scaffell pike. 978 meters. 6357 steps
Helvellyn. 949 meters. 6168 steps
Cross fell. 893 meters. 5904 steps

Snowdon. 1085 meters. 7052 steps
Carnedd llewlyn. 1064 meters. 6916 steps
Glyder fawr. 1001 meters. 6506 meters

Carrauntoohill. 1039 meters. 6753 steps
Lugnaquilla. 952 meters. 6188 steps
Cnoc na peiste. 988 meters. 6422 steps

We have taken that a step further for you and given you a guide for the STARMAN run route: It includes 1125m of elevation, equalling 7312 steps. At STARMAN HQ our flight has 14 steps, so we would have to go up and down 610 times! Our current record is 210 times in 45 minutes.

So the question is, are you up for the challenge?!

Our top tips are:

– Wear shoes or bare feet (not socks)
– Have the doors and windows open for air
– Have lots of water on hand
– Use a note pad to mark down every 10 flights you do to keep track
– Add volume as you would to any training, so start slow and work your way up to the full 610 flights!

OK OK, we know, it’s not quite the same and the views are not as good, but it is a fun challenge and a way to replicate some of the challenging steps of the STARMAN route. Let us know your times!