Virtually STARMAN – everything you need to know.

Virtually STARMAN – everything you need to know.

We are so excited to launch Virtually STARMAN! Ok, it’s not quite the same, but we hope you enjoy this friendly alternative to the real thing! Here is everything you need to know – if you have any other questions, do contact us any time!

When is Virtually STARMAN?

Midnight, Friday 14th – 6pm, Sunday 16th August 2020.

What is Virtually STARMAN?

Virtually STARMAN is a chance to experience the STARMAN Night Triathlon from the comfort of your own home! Join us at midnight on Friday 14th August for a 30-minute “land swim”, then cycle about 56 miles and run about 13.1 miles, either at home using a turbo / treadmill, or outside if safe to do so.

Do I have to complete it all at once?

No, you have from midnight on Friday to 6pm on Sunday to complete the entire distance. Many will do the full event at once through the first night but this is not compulsory.

I want to cycle during the night on my turbo, but it doesn’t record the distance

That is fine – just cycle for either 3.5 hours or your usual 56-mile time, and maybe put it in a hard gear for the last half hour to mimic the brutal final climb of STARMAN!

Do I have to complete all three events?

Nope – the idea behind Virtually STARMAN is that you do complete all three, but we understand that life sometimes gets in the way, and you won’t have had so many opportunities to train this year. Either way, we would love you to join us for our midnight get together!

How much does it cost to sign up?

Solo: £22 Team of 2: £27

What is included in my entry fee?

You’ll receive a race number, 2 glow sticks and a swim cap (for your “land swim”!), and an event medal. We will also make a £5 donation to Mercy Corps Europe. There is also a chance to win a Cairngorm Reindeer (at least, sponsorship of one!)

What is a land swim (and do I have to do it?)

Our land swim starts at midnight on Friday the 14th August, finishing at 00:30 on Saturday morning. It will be a 30-minute workout with Kate – a Personal Trainer / Triathlon Coach. We encourage you all to wear your swim caps and glow sticks, and take lots of pictures and videos! It will be a link to a Zoom meeting, which we will provide the week of the event.

From there, you can either go to bed and complete the rest of Virtually STARMAN over the course of the weekend, or you can go straight onto the bike and we will leave the Zoom link open for those of you using a turbo. You don’t have to be at the swim, but we really would encourage you to try! It won’t be too challenging and it will mostly be a bit of a laugh with some good tunes!

How do I submit my entry?

You simply update your entry on SiEntries with any relevant data. If you don’t manage, not a problem!

How long do I have to submit my entry?

You have until Monday 17 August at midnight to ensure your data appears on our results page.

Are there prizes for winners?

There won’t be any prizes this year – we want to offer a fun, friendly alternative to the STARMAN Night Triathlon without the pressure of completing the event through the night, when it might not be safe or possible for everyone to do that.

HOWEVER, everyone who enters will be entered into the draw to win a reindeer! OK, not quite on delivered to your door, but we will sponsor a reindeer from the Cairngorm Reindeer Herd on your behalf!

We will also be working with Ed Smith, our usual event photographer to hold a photography competition of your pics from the night. You could win some True Grit goodies during the week following the event!

What happens if I don’t complete all events in the allocated time?

Don’t worry – we will still be sending out your pack in advance. This is not a competition.

I have entered but wish to cancel – can I do that?

If you change your mind you have until the 30th June to cancel and receive a refund. After that we are afraid we can’t refund as we will be processing your entry.

When is the last date for entry?

The last date for entry will be 8th August to ensure you receive your cap, glow sticks, race number and medal in time. However, you can enter anytime up until the start of the event and we will still send you a medal!

The rules

The rules are, there are no rules, but:
– follow the current guidelines for the area you are in
– stay local as much as you can and stick to routes you know well
– take all the usual precautions you would on any cycle or run
– cycle / run with a friend (at a distance) if possible
– make sure someone knows where you are and when you are expected back