Winter Strength Series: Bike

Winter Strength Series: Bike

In this week’s session we are al about the hills. STARMAN only has two serious hills – the first is short and sharp and the second is long and, well, sharp! in fact, the last 23km of the bike route are up hill, with the last 5km climbing 300m.

Over the winter, when you maybe don’t feel like going outside, you can still train for hills on the turbo. However, make sure you lift the front wheel with a raiser (a book will do if needed) so that you’re in a more realistic hill climb position.

For the workout below, EL1-5 is Effort Level, 1 being an easy spin and 5 being max for that time period. We are gradually reducing our RPM over this simple workout and increasing the intensity of the “climb”, for a total of 1h 20 mins.

Try this workout at home and let us know how it goes:

Warm up:

10 mins: EL2 with some short surges sprinkled throughout

Main Set:

5 mins EL3, RPM 80
10 mins EL3, RPM 70
10 mins EL4 RPM 60
5 x (30s EL5 RPM 90, 30s EL1 spin)
and REPEAT the set again. You can repeat it more than twice if you have the energy and time.

Cool Down:

10 mins EL2