Winter Strength Series: Bike

Winter Strength Series: Bike

In the second of the winter strength series, we have put together a bike session for you,specifically designed to build strength in your legs over the off-season, as well as helping to toughen you up for the one or two “wee hills” of STARMAN.

Seriously though, the course only has a couple of challenging hills, but the last 23km is climbing, most of which happens over the last 5km and 300m of ascent, at up to 14% gradient. So you need to make sure your programming over the next few months helps prepare you for that!

This is a turbo session for those rubbish winter days where you can’t face going out for a ride!

Effort Levels: these are noted as EL1-5, with 1 being super easy spinning and 5 being as hard as you can manage for that set time. This replicates a hill climb, with your cadence slowly reducing as the effort gets harder.


Warm up: 10 mins, progressing from EL1 to EL3 over the 10 minutes.

Main Set: Repeat the following 5 times
– 3 mins EL3 around 80 RPM
– 2 mins EL4 around 70 RPM
– 1 min EL5 around 60 RPM
– 2 mins EL2 easy

Cool down: 10 mins, regressing from EL3 to EL1 over the 10 minutes.

Remember, you can take breaks or reduce the time or intensity as needed. We hope you enjoy it – let us know how you get on!