Winter Strength Series: Gym

Winter Strength Series: Gym

Our second gym session in our winter strength series is super easy and only takes 20 minutes! Similar to a Cross-fit style workout, it requires no equipment and is a bit like an FTP test – measure how many rounds of each set you can do in 20 minutes and try to beat that for a later date.

If any of the exercises cause pain or discomfort, seek professional advice, ideally from a physio. If you’re training for triathlon, you should be able to do all of these exercises no bother!

There are only 5 simple exercises – try to maintain good, controlled form throughout and slow down if you need to. You can find explanations of all of these exercises on You Tube if you are unfamiliar with them.

1. 25 squats
2. 15 reverse lunges each side
3. 15 oblique crunches each side
4. 15 push ups (if you fail before 15, move to push ups on your knees)
5. 10 burpees

ENJOY! Let us know how you get on.