Winter Strength Series: Swim

Winter Strength Series: Swim

And just like that, triathlon season is over for most of us. It’s time to refocus, set some goals for 2020 and get back to work.

Winter is the perfect time to start building a stronger foundation. This can be in the gym, but your swim, bike and run sessions can all include strength work. Over winter we will be publishing workouts to help lay down good foundations for your STARMAN 2020 training!

This week, we are focussing on swimming, assuming most of you are back in the pool now for the next few months! For this set, you will need a pull buoy. ‘Race pace’ is your rough 2km speed and ‘steady’ is something you can maintain for the whole set but requires a bit of effort. You should start to feel your back muscles working harder. Adding in a session like this once a week can be really beneficial.


2 x 100m swim
2 x 50m swim pull
2 x 100m swim


100m pull steady, 15s rest
2 x 50m at race pace, 20s rest
200m pull, steady, 15s rest
4 x 50m at race pace, 20s rest
300 pull steady, 15s rest
6 x 50m at race pace, 20s rest
400m pull steady, 15s rest
8 x 50m race pace, 20s rest


2 x 250m easy, 10s rest

TOTAL: 3000m

If you struggle, you can reduce the distance (eg by missing out the last 800m of the main set), or by increasing the rest periods. Give it a try and let us know how you get on!

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