Winter Strength Session – Swim

Winter Strength Session – Swim

The next instalment of our winter strength sessions focusses on testing. Now is the perfect time to establish some base levels and times so you can measure your development across the year.

There are a number of ways you can do this. Traditionally a 400m and 200m TT is a test of choice for swimmers and triathletes, and helps to set a Critical Swim Speed (CSS) time. This is useful for giving you an estimate of your lactate threshold.

Another test, that we will outline below, is a 20 minute time trial. Much like the dreaded FTP turbo test, It is designed to push your maximum average pace, and requires some good pacing techniques. Aim to swim as steady as you can, and make sure you either have a lap counting watch or a friend to keep track of how far you have swum!


Warm up:
2 x 100m front crawl easy
2 x 50m kick
4 x 50m at your TT speed.

Main Set:
20 minutes at maximum sustainable effort. Try to maintain steady 100m splits. Make a note of the distance for future reference.

Cool Down:
4 x 50m easy, mixed strokes.